Friday, December 26, 2014

awak ^_^

dear MIA,

           The joy of spring reminds me of you, the happiness that we share together is incomparable to any other thing that I have ever experienced and being with you makes me feel complete. I know now more stronger than ever that I want to spend the rest of my LIFE with you. I can imagine us together grow old and yet still madly in love and that fills me with unspeakable delight. Thank you for making me feel loved and I promise to love you and take care of you for the rest of our lives together.

Your truly,

bangla fresh| x romantik| penjaga siang malam >;D
Thanks for being with me always.


  1. pang pang kompang kompang kompang gedebung gedebung gedebung~
    may you always be happy, syafa. :)
    kahwin jgn lupe jempotttttt :P

    1. eh..trkejut..awak dh le lame x menghupdate blog tetibe shaa allah :) doa doakn la deh..stilaaa jemput..mne leh lupe jmput dak comei sorg tuuu :P heheh..